Personal View:My favorite Halloween memory


Jamari Farmer, Staff Reporter

My favorite Halloween memory

Personal view

My name is Jamari Farmer My favorite halloween was when me and my dad both went as super hero’s I was spiderman he was batman.That year our neighborhood wasn’t doing anything so we went on base.Before halloween started my dad picked me up from the after school program I was at. after he picked me up we had to go to the mailbox to pick something up and I had to change into my costume while he was getting mail when he came back I was having some problems so he helped me get dressed.

When me and my dad went home to pick up mom who was batgirl she was in the bed coughing and she said she wasn’t going to make it this time because she had strep throat at. I felt like I was going to cry for sure but she told me she would do it next year.My dad told me let’s go to the car and gave mommy a kiss and told her to feel better When we finally made it out to the car we had to drive all the way on base, and tricker treat.