My favorite Halloween memory

When I was in the third grade all my family came over to my house for Halloween and trick-or-treating. We ordered Pizza, gave out candy, and went out with one thing on our mind… Candy.We all got our costumes on, grabbed our bags, and got ready to go. We went from house to house getting loads of candy and as our bags got heavier or feet grew more tired and we began to head home when we saw a huge crowd of clowns.

We were all filled with fear and we started running, just then they started running too. I have a very very big fear of clowns so this really scared me so I started crying and my uncle carried me. When a clown saw me crying he went up to me gave me some candy and apologized  and then my whole family and I walked home with lots of candy and no fear.

We had school the next day so at around 10:30 everyone was gone from the street and beginning to go to bed. That Halloween was a success and I was excited to see what the years had to come.