Personal View: Halloween Memories 2017


Desiree Villanueva, Staff reporter

My top favorite Halloween memory was from this year. This year was amazing, I spent my Halloween with my two best friends, Kayla and Ashleigh. We had a lot of fun.


Once school was over, I went straight to my room and changed into my boo costume. I had to wait for Ashleigh and Kayla to get home. Ashleigh was at the play, and Kayla was at the game because of cheer leading. I was all ready and  I texted Ashleigh to see if she was at her house, and once she said yes, I was on my way.


Once I got to her house, we waited for Kayla to get there. We were characters from Monsters Inc. Kayla was Sully, Ashleigh was Mike, and I was Boo. We were going to houses trick-or-treating. We saw some of our friends and we went to some of our friends houses.


While we were trick-or-treating, Kayla’s pumpkin basket was full of candy, and mine getting full. Once we were done going to houses, we went back to Ashleigh’s house to count our candy. We all had fun but I had to go back home because we had school the next day.


I saw both of them the next day, and I wish it was Halloween again.