Personal View: Top 2 Favorite Halloween Movies.



My name is Ayana Freeman and my top 2 all-time favorite movies are The Addams Family and Coraline. These 2 movies are perfect halloween movies and are so good you could keep on watching them. The both have a spooky storyline and are very different.


The Addams Family is a classic Halloween movie. It has scary moments, funny, and is all just weird. My 2 favorite characters are Wednesday Addams (daughter) and Morticia Addams (mother). The are both strong female characters. They will always get the job and you should never mess with these girls.


Wednesday is funny, a little creepy, is always doing experiments, and lastly she’s really pretty. My favorite thing that she has done is when she was at camp and made all the kids turn against the counselors and popular kids. All time favorite saying by her is “ You sent us to camp”. Wednesday will leave you taking for days after you watch the movie.

Morticia is beautiful, a little creepy, funny, and cares deeply about her family and respects them. My favorite thing that Morticia has done is act like a queen everyday. All time favorite thing she has said is “ You have gone too far. You have married Fester, you have destroyed his spirit, you have taken him from us. All that I could forgive. But Debbie… pastels?”.


Coraline is a creepy Halloween movie that still scares me everytime I watch it, it’s weird, could give you nightmares if you are young, and should always watch it on halloween night. Coraline is my favorite character ( main character ), she is strong, gets things done, and you should never get in her way.


Coraline is a queen, awesome, fights for anything and never gives up. My favorite thing she has done is when she won against the other mother and saved all the ghost children. My all – time favorite things she has said is “ You’re not my mother”, “ I can see you don’t have any button eyes, but if you’re the same cat, how can you talk”. Coraline leaves me wanting more every time that I watch it.


Those are my favorite Halloween movies of all time that I will watch every Halloween.