Personal View: Why Not To Choose A Halloween Costume Last Minute


Anayah Butler, Staff Reporter

Halloween is a rush of excitement. People are running to get candy, decorations and looking for costumes and with all those people rushing to get things there won’t be a lot of time to get the things you need last minute I’ve made this mistake many of times and I would like to share my experience with it.

Last week I wasn’t really thinking about Halloween i was busy with school work and other extra activities. On Monday I found out that Halloween was only a day away I started to panic wondering what I was going to be I had so many thoughts in my head it was crazy.

When I get to the store it’s as hectic as it can be there is candy everywhere costumes on the floor and it just looks a complete mess. I go down the aisle I see nothing I go down the next aisle I see nothing again I think to myself “I’m never going to find anything” as soon as I said that I spot something it’s a minion costume. I grab it! I don’t even try it on all I do is run out the store. When I get home I crash in my bed and fall asleep not thinking about anything. On the day of Halloween I’m so excited I could just feel it. After school when I get home I start to get ready for trick or treating when I open the costume bag up I see a short minion dress that looks horrible I go to try it on and it fits but it’s really short In the back and long in the front. I knew I was not wearing this to go trick or treating. I felt sad that I was not able to go trick or treating I tried to find other options but everything was already gone at the stores so I had to where the minion dress with some black shorts underneath the dress.

I had learned my lesson that day to never go look for a costume at the last minute because I soon found out that it’s not the best. My advice is to look for your costume early so that way you don’t end up like me.