Personal View: My favorite Halloween Movie

Personal View: My favorite Halloween Movie

Vaun Natalroman, Staff Reporter

  Halloween is a time to get scared and when it rolls by my favorite activity is to watch movies with my friends and family . We all have our ideas of scary whether it’s : dolls heights or the dark we have something that triggers our fear factor . There are many series of horror ranging from child’s play,scream,jaws, and more. If i had to name my favorite movie I  would say it would be  Annabelle : Creation .


Now I only watched this movie recently but i’ve never really gotten scared from a movie the way I did until i watched Annabelle. It’s a good movie with a BUNCH of plot twists and Jumpscares. I watched it with my family although my sister and I were the only ones actually watching the movie. There were points in the movie where my parents were telling me to get of my phone.


But what scared me the most is the fact that the movie was based on TRUE events I’ll admit I’ve done research and looked it up and the Annabelle doll is a REAL thing, they even put it IN THE MOVIE !! I mean yes movies are supposed to be scary and give you a sense of thrill but this movie takes it to a whole new level with David Sandberg, a swedish-american director who’s known for short horror films. The movie was made on august 11, 2017 just in time for students to get a good a scare before starting this movie. Trust me if you’re looking for a good horror story keep listening or watch for yourself.


  Annabelle was a present to a college student from her mother in 1970. There was nothing special about the doll but when the doll started moving it was nothing too supernatural just moving from spot to spot … But then it started escalating, when the student,Donna, came home she found the doll in her bed with blood everywhere and the blood seemed to be coming from the DOLL. That was enough for Donna she finally agreed to bring in a medium and the priest told them that before the apartment  was built there was a field and a girl named Annabelle Higgins died in that field and her spirit  remained , and when the doll came into the house the girl latched onto the doll. Donna and Angie both being nursing student decided to let annabelle stay.


  A few days later when Donna and Angie were planning a road trip then they heard a sudden noise in Donna’s room . Was it a break-in? Was there an intruder ? One of Donna’s friends, Lou, crept over to the door and swung it open . Everything was as it should be except Annabelle was off Donna’s bed and in a corner. As he approached the doll he became consumed with that feeling where someone was watching you, he turned around and no one was there and then a sudden pain in his chest he looked down and saw a series of of scratch marks .


Now I’m not gonna go into too much detail but if you want to learn more look up, “The true story of Annabelle “ at Birth.Movies.Death. It’s a true story and if you want to get scared go to this website.