PV: My Favorite Halloween Memory

Rebekah Lorenzana, Staff Reporter

I normally don’t do a lot for the holiday of Halloween, but there was one year when I was able to enjoy the night with my best friend Emily and a few other great friends.


To start that Halloween night we all had gone trick-or-treating around our neighborhood and got a load of candy. We all went as a group with somewhat coordinated costumes. We all had decided Mickey Mouse characters and Winnie the Pooh characters. I was Minnie Mouse and my best friend was Mickey Mouse. Since these were our costumes we had gotten a lot of compliments being called cute. The trick-or-treating was honestly the best part.


Not only had we gone trick-or-treating but after that we all went back to Emily’s house and had a small party. It probably lasted until two in the morning. We drank sodas, ate candy, and enjoyed pizza. Our friend, Braedon, had brought glow sticks for everyone, which was so cool when everybody had some and it was dark.


There is one thing about that night that I won’t forget because it was hilarious. As we were all jamming out to music, our other friend, Shi-Anne, she had accidently somehow busted one of the biggest glow sticks, and it had gotten everywhere and on everyone. You’d think we would’ve all been mad, but really we all just started laughing and gazing at the pretty neon colors splattered everywhere. Luckily everyone had a change of clothes.


By two everyone had gone home except for me because i was just going to spend the night and go to school with Emily the next day. After school i went back to her house with her to clean and just hang out. By far that was probably the best Halloween I’ve ever had.