Personal view: Halloween was outrageous.


Jacob Coppage, Staff Reporter

Hey, my name is Jacob. This year was not the funnest year I’ve had. I went to my friends house and there was about 13 people at his house. We played video games and talked.

He was talking about going outside to get candy. What I didn’t know was that we were going with another group. That group had about 20 people. It was crowded and we were loud.

We went back to my friend’s house to have pizza and drinks, we started to talk to the parents about the game because B team had a game. When we were done eating, we went back outside to continue trick or treating.

This time there was another party that joined us. That means 3 parties with 15 people in each one. There were so many kids in the neighborhood.

We went to this one house and they were surprise in how many kids were at their house. We walked to this haunted house and we decided not to go because there were so many of us.

While we were walking there was this guy in a mask and everyone started to freak out. Everyone started to scream and run. This car was coming and almost hit one of us. That was when we realized that we should be more aware on what we were doing.

Half way through the night people left and some went with other friends so by that time there was about 20 of us still walking. At this time I realized that it would of been better if I stayed home.

There was just too many of us and it was late. People started to turn off their lights and going to bed. My friend told us that we needed to go home and everyone started to text their parents.

My parents came and picked me up. They asked me how my night went and what I got. I told them that it was alright and I didn’t get that much candy.