Halloween 2k17 was a Treat!


Taryn Cooper, Staff Reporter

From frightening tricks to yummy treats Halloween 2k17 had many memories.

Halloween had many tricks and scares but many people had fun! For instance, Anayah Butler, grade 8, said she was a cheetah for Halloween. “I wanted to be a cheetah because that’s my favorite animal,” said Butler.

Autumn Yoder, grade 8, was Corey from the video game Hotline Miami. “I loved the video game and the story for the character was great and a lot of fun,” said Yoder.

Both Anayah and Autumn went trick-or-treating with their friends. Anayah’s favorite type of candy is Snickers and Autumn’s is Twix.

Asking Autumn what scared her about Halloween, “Some costumes are really creepy,” replied Yoder.

While Anayah said that “Clowns and being abducted,” scare her.

Autumn’s favorite Halloween movie is Freddie Kruger and Anayah’s is Hocus Pocus.

Both like the IT movies but Autumn likes the old one and Anayah likes the new one.

Lastly, Anayah and Autumn were both super excited!

“It’s fun, I mean you get to eat candy and dress up,” said Butler.

“It’s a night where I can express myself,” said Yoder.