Personal review: Why I don’t celebrate Halloween


Haleigh McFarland, Staff Reporter

My name is Haleigh and I am a fourteen years old ,and  I don’t celebrate Halloween by trick-or-treating because I much rather the younger kids get candy then me. I instead studied for my tests coming up and did homework ,so I could get good grades and be an all A student. Many people thought I was lame for not dressing up and getting candy, and asked why I would want to do school work instead. For me school work is very important because I want to go to Texas A&M and you can only be accepted if you are in the top seven in your class!

Another reason that I  rather do school work instead is because I only like certain candy like, Dove dark chocolate, Sour Patch Kids, gum, Milky Ways, and Snickers. Normally when my friends get these candies they turn their noses up because they don’t like them ,so they give them to me the day after ,and there is no point in having candy you don’t like with you because most kids either get sick from eating to much or end up wasting almost all of it.

personally One of my favorite things to do is to go to haunted houses and mazes with my friends! I’ve always liked all the work they put into them since I was little, all the makeup and props are very cool to see. One of my best memories was at a haunted maze with my parents when I was eight years old and a guy jumped out with a sledge hammer and hit a washer and I went up to him and said Hi. He just started laughing because he thought I would have been scared.

I also really love how different  cultures celebrate their Halloween. In the U.S we celebrate Halloween By dressing up in either cute, scary, or cool costumes and go door to door with bags and ask for candy. In Mexico though they celebrate Halloween as the day of the dead where all of the relatives that have passed on come to earth and are close to them.

Many people celebrate differently all over the world whether it’s dressing up, remembering loved ones, or even just staying at home doing other things! Even if you’re stuck taking your younger sibling out instead of going out with your friends are relaxing at home. However you celebrate your Halloween in your culture or tradition  make sure to make it the best!