Personal view: Haunted House was memorable


Tamyra Daniels, Staff Reporter

My favorite Halloween memory is when me and my friends decided to go to a haunted house. We were all about 9 and were really happy our dad’s let us go. We went to a haunted house that was down the street. This memory always stuck with me.

We walked in a thought it wasn’t scary so far, but we were wrong. We heard a chainsaw going and started running for our life. We had finally lost him when a ghost came out of nowhere. We were so scared. We screamed almost all night.

After we got through the haunted house we started to walk home. We went in the house and tried to find our dads. We couldn’t find them so we started to look around. We heard the same chainsaw noise as before a ran out the house but we felt something grab us and it was my dad with a mask on. I screamed so loud. It was him who was making the chainsaw noise to scare us. That was my favorite Halloween memory.