Halloween 2k17

Halloween 2k17

Alicia Orage, Staff Reporter

My name is Alicia Orage. October is my favorite month because Fall is on the way. Halloween is my favorite holiday even though a lot of people don’t count it as a holiday.  I think Halloween the 2nd best time of the year.

Halloween is a time to spend quality time and giggles with your family. You get to watch scary movies and eat a whole bunch of candy.

October is full of great memories and a lot of scares. Halloween isn’t just about getting candy, it’s about always having fun and being about to scare people and laugh.

I think that the 13th floors is a great place to get a whole bunch of scares. Six flags fright fest is also a amazing place to spend time with friends and have fun.

November is just around the corner so in 3 weeks you get to stuff your face with a whole bunch of food. Halloween you also get to dress up as whoever you want and have fun.

There is so many things you could do on Halloween like going to a party, or just simply hanging out with your family.

You’re never to young to go trick or treating, so don’t let anyone stop you.Always remember to enjoy the holiday because it wont be back until the next year.