Personal View: My Top Five things about Halloween


Andrew Ortega, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Andrew Ortega and I’m a student at Dobie. Halloween just passed and I had a great time. My favorite things about Halloween are DEFINITELY candy, going out with friends, going to parties, watching scary movies, and trick or treating.


Every child’s favorite thing about Halloween is the CANDY. It’s the one day out of the year that children can eat all the candy they want without their parents telling them to calm down. Eating candy is what every kid wants especially on halloween


The only way to get that candy is if you go trick or treating, that’s no problem for anyone, after all you’re never too old to go trick or treating. Trick or treating is the time of year to show how scary or wacky you can be


This time of year is when they start showing more horror movies on TV more often. Horror movies just give you a different feeling than other movies, the feeling of terror make you feel alive like no other movies can.


Now that we are getting older we want to start going to parties on Halloween. I think teenagers like to go to parties when we’re older because we want to feel mature. I like going to parties, but I really like trick or treating. You can also go out with your friends and go trick or treating, it’s kind of a mix with parting because you’re with your friends and you’re having fun.


Either way, even if you go trick or treating or going to parties or even handing out candy, Halloween is still a great time to have fun.