Personal view: My favorite all time Halloween memory


Alyson Rios, Staff Reporter

On the night of October 6th 2017 my friend Elena Reamsnyder and I made plans for a fun, and exciting night at six flags. We planned a week before that night and we were going experience something very frightful.

We picked Elena up and headed back to my house ,so my dad could change and pick up my two younger brothers Dustin and Raphael including my step mom Besima, a little while after we got home we left to Six Flags I was very sick to my stomach. I didn’t know what to think I didn’t like the feeling of  being scared ,as soon as we got there you could see they were setting up the fog was filling the sky we had to wait to get inside for my aunt and uncle so my brother, Elena, and I looked around in this small shop full of clothes, stuffed animals, and jewelry.

My uncle and aunt finally got there 15 minutes later so all three of us went off on our own everything there was so creative  and the costumes were amazing in front of us was a truck and surrounding the truck were three Chupacabras which I confused them for gremlin’s cause that’s what they look liked.

From the distance we could see a lady dressed up in a white dress carrying what looks  like a dead chicken she chased all three of us  into a superhero store and was waiting outside until we came out. We were terrified to leave the store even after she left.

Elena saw a haunted house and wanted to go in and we were complaining on how we didn’t want to go in but Elena said it would be alright. We went in and the lights kept going off and on and you could barely see and monsters were jumping out we were so scared another group had to go in front of us, the three of us came out shaking and Elena kept holding onto me the rest of the night.

We continued farther into Six  Flags as ghouls, zombies, and different kinds of monsters scared us. We decided not to go into another haunted house because of the last  haunted house. We settled down and got dip in dot’s we continued walking again and closer to midnight we left to drop Elena off.

I never thought I could have so much fun and be this happy but also scared I had pretty much fun with Elena and all though she moved to Virginia our adventures will never be over.