Personal View: favorite horror movie

Personal View: favorite horror movie

Wesley Mann, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of that year again and you wanna get spooky. Everyone does something special for Halloween whether it’s a movie, trick or treating, or going to a party. For me i always love staying up all night watching scary movies but my favorite movie of all time has to be A Nightmare on Elm Street.


A Nightmare on Elm Street has been an amazing movie series with its great story line comical jokes and who could forget its gruesome kills. A Nightmare on Elm Street has been around since 1984 and with it being such a great series everyone wants to re-watch it.every time you see it you always get scared with Freddy’s glove and his ability to be in your head.


This movie franchise has been a favorite of many people because of the sheer horror of Freddy or his quick quips. Freddy has had long back story of killing you in your nightmares in the most sadistic way possible. Either crushing you in a cockroach box or sucking you into your bed and eating you.


If you say the name Freddy Kruger everyone will relate to his signature knife glove. It’s been a staple of the character to cut you or to scare you. Don’t get me wrong he has other signature things such as his ability to come in your mind and kill you.


Now everyone has heard the famous quote “That’s a face only a mother could love” it doesn’t apply here. His face is melted and all over. The reason for this is because when he was young he went into a factory and he got burned. He died that day but he came back and haunted everyone.


The only way anyone has ever been able to defeat him was to grab him in the dream and pull him out by waking up out. The way we learned this was someone grabbed his hat in the dream and woke up pulling out the hat. So they learned if they pull him out he could die.


Before pulling out they booby trapped the house with shotguns and axes. Once they pulled him out they ran through the house triggering the booby traps.  Somehow that didn’t work out and they ran outside and into a party. Once there Freddy had his fun killing anyone who got in his way. In the end they beat him by using his fears against him