Personal view: My Veteran’s Day Assembly Speech


Milana Herrera, Staff Reporter

I was nominated by an anonymous person and Ms. Dimas asked me if i could do it i felt nervous at  first but I wrote it with he help of my mom. Here is my speech:

Good afternoon everyone, I’m Milana Herrera, since birth my siblings and my life have consisted of packing up and moving to a different state or country then having to make new friends and worrying about fitting in at a brand new school every 3 to 4 years, but we were all born in different states see i was born in Italy, my older sister in England ,my older brother in New Mexico but moved to Japan when he was two months old and lastly my oldest sister was born in turkey, plus we’ve done a lot of traveling around the world due to the great opportunity the military has given my family. Both of my parents were in the air force, along with a lot of my family.

My dad completed 5 combat tours for example one operation desert storm and another operation Iraqi freedom. Then my mom was deployed to Cuba for operation sea signal before having my older sister. My oldest is a naval aviator Lieutenant in the US  Navy and flies a MH60R sea hawk. She spent a year deployed off of the USS Harry S Trumen protecting her carry group from surface vessels and submarines in support of operation Inherent Resolve now she’s a Naval Aviator Instructor. My brother after graduating West Point is a second Lieutenant and is preparing for his first deployment. He has completed infantry officer school, special forces combat diving school, Army airborne school and the most rigorous and prestigious Army Ranger school.

Not only am i a military brat….. But i’m proud of what my parents and siblings have accomplished it wasn’t easy and it takes time away from your loved ones nor is it easy for the family that have loved ones deployed. My dad was deployed when i was little and missed just about everything a dad didn’t want to miss like all my major milestones i didn’t see my dad again until i was 3 when he then already completed 2 combat tours overseas.

Living a life like the one i do is like a roller coaster, scary, incredibly fun, scary some more, yet anxious but as soon as it’s done and you’re off the ride you realize it the best ride ever so you jump right back on it again and each time everything’s a little easier and you feel the feeling of relief and satisfaction.

Now, most people call military brats the dandelion because the dandelion can grow anywhere, it’s tough and survives in large ranges of climate and the seed can fly to any location plant itself grow into another dandelion then keep on repeating it and each time it will still be tough and still survive.

 My family and I bleed red white and blue it’s in our veins heart and soul; veterans day is one of the most important day out of the year to my family. So thank you to our military troops and military families.