Personal View: My Halloween fun


Terrell Shelton, Staff Reporter

Hey I’m Terrell and this is my opinion on Halloween. Halloween is one of my favorite nights. There’s costumes, parties, and most importantly, the candy. It’s supposed to be the scariest night of the year. Now it’s called trick or treat for a reason, so if u get tricked i warned you.

This Halloween I went with a couple of my friends and my cousin, Elijah, Ryan, Javon, and Zach. I didn’t dress up as anything, but Elijah dressed up as Jason from Friday the 13th, Ryan dressed up as superman, Zach dressed up as a wolf amour, and Javon didn’t dress as anybody either.

Halloween was fun for me this year. Most people would say the rain ruined it, but personally I think the rain made it better. It made it better for me because I love the rain. Yeah, the rain made me feel like I was getting frostbite, but it was worth it.

Since I went trick or treating with Elijah last year, we thought it would be a good idea if we went over to Zack’s house to scare Javon and Ryan. I thought it would scare them because last year when me, Elijah, and Anthony went to Zack’s house his dad jumped at us, making me scream and running from their house. So, Elijah and I were waiting for his dad to come and scare us, but they didn’t do that this year… Bummer!

I was started to get cold, and so we’re the others. So, we decided to hit up a little bit more houses and then end our trick or treating. We went to about five houses before we ending Trick or Treating.

The last house we went to gave us her whole bowl of candy because there were no more trick or treaters out. We mostly got more candy because since Javon and I had no costumes we had to make up a story about who we we’re. I was the “Teacher’s pet” while Javon was the “Teacher’s worst nightmare.” Therefore, we got the rest of the candy.

Then I got home wanting to eat all my candy, but I wanted to wait for dinner. So I dumped all my candy out, pulled my phone out, put on “The Monster Mash” and recorded all the candy I got.Halloween was fun, cold, and wet. Then I ended Halloween with a long nice warm shower. With a nice hot bowl of chili. There it is, my night of Halloween.