Personal View: What Halloween means to me

Renee Jessen, Staff Reporter

Konichiwa, my name is Renee Jessen. To me Halloween means being able to be your crazy and true self. Halloween is a time of year to dress up and have fun.(And get free food!) I love dressing up in my anime cosplay costumes.

Halloween is the one day of the year, that everybody all over the world tells scary stories. Otakus’ (such as myself) love to watch scary anime movies and TV shows. Such as Tokyo Ghoul, Future Diary, Blood-C, Hell Girl,etc. I personally love to watch Tokyo Ghoul on Halloween. I mean like who doesn’t want to watch people eat people?!

To the adults in my neighborhood it means free alcoholic drinks. Because, at my house we give out Dos Equis to the parents, we dress it too. Up the street from my house they give out Margaritas. Then up street they give out Tequila. (Sorry kids you don’t get any.)

Halloween is the one holiday that you can go door to door and ask for free food, without getting punched in the face. This is one of my favorite parts. Because, I can go to my Martial Arts costume party and not have to worry about get punched for asking for candy. But me stealing the candy from the instructors is a different story.