Personal view: Why I don’t celebrate Halloween


Jin Seo , Staff Reporter

October 31st, a special day, we enjoy parties, trick or treat or stay home and  watch scary movies. My name is Jin Seo, I’m a 8th grader. In my family, we don’t celebrate Halloween.  

It’s fun to go treat or trick, but my parents worry about, if they put some kind of the medicine in the candy. I’m not allowed to eat any candy from trick or treating.

It is not just because I don’t get to eat candy or chocolate from trick or treating. One of the biggest reasons why we don’t go trick or treating is that, my family doesn’t like going outside. We prefer to stay inside because, we have a lot of things to do around the house, chores, homework, etc.

Another reason is my dog. My dog ,Cookie, doesn’t like being left alone in the house or meeting other people and  dogs.  There might be people who are allergic to my dog and we can’t go out trick or treating outside with our dog.

Costumes are too uncomfortable. I don’t like uncomfortable clothing, like a skirt or dress. Even they are pretty and fancy, I don’t wear them if they are too uncomfortable for me.