Personal View: Losing all my candy on Halloween


David Staton, Staff reporter

Hi my name is David, and I am in 8th grade. It was the Halloween of 2015, and I had a lot of candy in my bucket and we were coming to an end to our run. We were going up this really steep hill and the sidewalk was uneven and the neighbors decided to take the cone and put it somewhere, so my mom and I were walking and we tripped on the curb and I fell, so all my candy fell out of my bucket.

My mom decided to put it all back into the bucket and run home because I was throwing a huge fit. We got home and the pizza got delivered, so we ate. I had two slices of cheese pizza and I had one sucker. It got close to my bedtime and my mom made me go to bed but then somebody rang the doorbell and my dog Spike, was barking all loud, so it woke me up.

People kept coming to our house and ringing the doorbell because our porch light was on. My parents had to put a piece a paper on the door saying that we had no more candy and please do not ring the doorbell. It was around 11 pm and that was when all the ringing stopped.

The next day at school everybody was bringing bags of candy and sharing it with everybody. I only brought a couple of pieces because my mom didn’t want everybody taking it from me when they had their own. I eventually got my clip on yellow for disrespecting the teacher, because I didn’t share my candy.