Personal View: This Halloween was one of my least favorites


Lauren Gray, Staff reporter

This Halloween was very different from all the the other Halloweens I have celebrated.

It was the first year I went trick or treating with my little sister. She dressed up as Moana the princess and I was a hospital patient.

We left around six which I thought was pretty early to go trick or treating. My mom had told me that it was going to rain and I was really hoping that it wouldn’t because I wanted to get a lot of candy.

I walked outside and realized that the ground was wet and it was drizzling. I knew it was gonna start raining so I started going faster so I wouldn’t get wet. I kept getting candy that I didn’t want so I just put it into my sister’s bag when she wasn’t looking.

Out of nowhere I felt little sprinkles of rain. About two minutes later it  started raining harder. I said goodbye to the rest of my family and started walking home in the rain.

By the time I got home I was drenched from the rain. When I walked through the door it was pouring. I was really disappointed because I barely had any candy. My older brother came home from work and even though I barely had any he took most of it.

My mom, stepdad, and sister walked through the door and they were soaked too. My mom told me that my sister had barely gotten any either.

I asked her to just go out and get me candy and she did. She came home with a big bag of candy. Me and my family ate a bunch of candy and then went to sleep. It wasn’t the best Halloween, but it wasn’t the worst either.