Personal view: My Halloween 2017 memories


Kaydence Hicks , Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Kaydence Hicks, and this year has made some of my favorite Halloween memories. My original plans were to go with one of my friends, Sydni, and then my other friend, Kayley, and her brother, Ethan, were going to come with us too.

Once I got home from passing out tickets for the football game, I started to get my costume ready. This year, because I love the Hunger Games, I dressed up as Katniss Everdeen. While I was getting ready, Kayley, Ethan, and their mom came over and their mom did my hair.

After my hair was done, they decided to go back to their street and trick or treat there, since I still needed to do my makeup. After my makeup was done, my dad’s work friend, his wife, and his two little girls came over.

A little bit later, around 6:30, we were going to go outside to start trick or treating, but then it started pouring down rain. I was really upset because I did not think that it was going to stop. A few minutes later it started to slow down, but we still needed an umbrella to stay dry.

We decided to go meet up with Kayley and Ethan, and by the time we did that, the rain was slowing down even more. Once we went to a few houses with them, the rain stopped completely, and we could all put our umbrellas away. We were just down the street when I got a text from Sydni saying that she was at my house.

We went back up to get her, and then we went trick or treating all around my neighborhood. My dad went off with his work friend and his family, and eventually Ethan got tired so his mom took him home. That left just my mom, Sydni, Kayley, and myself.

We went down a few more streets, then around 9:00 we went back to my house, we poured all of the candy we got onto the floor, and sorted it all out.

After that, Sydni’s dad took her home and we then took Kayley back to her house. Overall, I loved this year’s Halloween because it was really fun, and I can’t wait until next year.