Personal View:My top 5 Halloween countdown


Zaryah Wray, Staff reporter

Halloween isn’t my favorite holiday but it is a pretty good one. I love the movies, haunted houses, being with my family, Dressing up, and of course the candy involved in trick or treating.

My favorite Halloween movies include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetle juice, Monster House, and Coraline.  The Nightmare Before Christmas is about Jack Skelling, the Halloween king, he stumbles across a Christmas town and he plans to steal Christmas.

My 4th favorite thing about Halloween is Haunted houses and fright fest. I enjoy the adrenaline rush that you get from being scared and always being on edge.

Another thing is the costumes you can dress up as anything you want. Costumes range from scary, cute, and funny. This year the most worn costumes were Harley Quinn, A clown , and Wonder Woman.

My second favorite thing about Halloween is the candy that you get you receive from going trick or treating. My favorite is Reeses.

My absolute favorite thing is being with my family.We go to my uncle’s house and trick or treat all together.