Personal Review: Halloween was surprisingly fun


Ethan Adams, Staff reporter

Halloween was okay this year. At first I thought that it was going to be ruined by the rain. I went outside and got little wet so I decided to just pass out candy.

My parents didn’t want to me to go out so I just went in and I got a call from my friend. He asked if I wanted to meet him at the gas station when it stopped raining. I was down to go to the gas station with him, but my parents probably wouldn’t let me.

I asked if I could and they surprisingly said that I could. He even gave me two dollars! My luck being horrible It started raining right when I got down the street it started to pour rain even worse than before. I thought to myself that I was just going to go now. Once I was across the street I saw him and when I crossed the street he already went inside.

We both bought Mt. Dew and smarties. Once we finished both of our drinks we walked down to my house and we hung out for a bit.