Personal View: My fun Halloween experience


Leah Parker , Staff reporter

Hi my name is Leah, and I am in 7th grade. It was on Halloween of 2017. Two of my best friends and I were getting into our costume. Once we got dressed we headed downstairs into the kitchen to get our bags. When we got our bags we went to the door to grab our umbrellas. We started to head out to go get the candy. Once we got outside all we did was to get soaked by the rain. After 10 minutes we decided to go back inside. We almost lost hope

After few minutes the rain stopped. My friends and I decided to sneak out to get more candy with permission of course.  It wasn’t really busy at first because it only at the beginning of my neighborhood. Once we got in deeper of the neighborhood we got more candy. While we were trick or treating we got chased by these two boys that were dressed up like a donkey and a hog. It was the scariest thing but we got away.

After a while our bags were filling up so we decided to go home.Once we got home, one of the moms decided to give us more candy by surprise. The mother bought a full bag for each of us. I guess my Halloween wasn’t bad after all.