Personal View: My all time favorite Halloween memory


Elena Flessas, Staff Reporter

My name is Elena Flessas and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. My all time favorite Halloween memory took place exactly three years ago yesterday. October 31, 2014.

I was ten years old at the time. This one Halloween I was with my cousins. My family and I went to their house to go trick-or-treating. Just saying five of my cousins were there, they’re brothers, so all boys, but there were five of them. Yeah it got a little hectic.

When we got there I got dressed in a grim reaper costume. I wore a black shredded dress, black cover, black shoes… let’s just say everything was black except for the mask. The mask was a white and grey skull with glowing red eyes if you wanted to turn them on. My candy bag was a big red pillow case. I have absolutely no clue how I remember. I don’t remember my cousins’ costumes though. All I know is that one was a robber and another was spider-man.

When everyone was ready we went out into their huge neighborhood. Yes, it was pretty big. We went from house to house getting candy and jacking around. The robber Dylan, spiderman Adrien, Braydon, Colton, and Tyler would always try to race me and my little brother to the next house after the one we were done with before.

We got back to the house at around two in the morning. We emptied our pillow cases which were filled to the brim with candy. We traded and bartered and gave the adults all the stuff we didn’t want. They threw it away afterwards. Then we laughed, messed around, and just plain had fun.

That was the best Halloween…ever.