Personal View: My top 5 Halloween countdown


Adaiah Martinez, Staff reporter

One of my favorite holidays of all time is Halloween. It’s so much fun and gives you a plethora of activities to do. It also is great for the people who love food/candy because you’re able to get such an abundance of it.

5:The costumes. Costumes are such an amazing way to express yourself. You can base it off of people you like, tv shows, movie, cartoons, and so many other things. It’s always so cool to see such variety and creativity people put into their costumes.

4:The movies. I personally love watching any holiday movies, but I do have some favorite Halloween ones. Coraline is one of my personal favorites just because I have watched it since I was 6 years old and it’s overall a really good throwback movie. Another one of my favorites is 9. It was probably the scariest movie I saw as a kid, and I’ve been watching it just as long as Coraline.

3.The decorations. There are so many creative people in this world and to be able to  see that in decorations are pretty cool. The decorations during Halloween are normally pretty scary, which is not my forte. Most people actually do enjoy the scary side of Halloween and it really stands out when they put up all their decorations.

2.The people. There are so many different minds out there and Halloween really allows people to embrace it. It starts with the costumes, then the decorations, then their candy. Since most people are out specifically for the candy, they tend to act nicer then they normally would which makes me like people more than I normally would.

1.The candy. I am a lover of any type of food, especially candy. Most of the time people just choose any random candy they see at Walmart, but I especially love the people that hand out full size candy or even make goodie bags. I also really enjoy coming home and eating a bunch of my candy and still being able to have some for the rest of the week.