Personal View: My Favorite Halloween Memory


Leilah Gomez, Staff Editor

Hi, my name is Leilah Gomez and this is one of my favorite Halloween memories.

I was walking down my street and all of the sudden 3 clowns come up behind me. I remain calm so they don’t notice me. Two of the clowns leave and one stayed behind me, progressing. I start to hear more and more foot steps and take off my sandals in case I have to run. I look behind and there he is, one foot away. I turn around and take off sprinting faster than I ever have in  my life  before. I keep sprinting up my street and turn the corner. I turn around to take a breathe and there another clown is. I start sprinting again to go back to my house. Dodging the main clown, my feet, turning blue from the cold rain, slippery, and almost making me trip.

I run into my house, slam the door, and lock it. I lock all the doors with so much fear that my life flashes before my eyes. I run up to my room, shut my door, and eat my candy.

My doorbell rang and rang along with pounding on my door. I get a tingly feeling that it’s one of the clowns. In my house, I’m able to see who’s at the door without that person seeing me. No one’s there. I slam myself against my wall in more and more terror. I answer my door and my mom is there. 

Turns out, my mom paid the guys to give me a full on heart attack. But that’s okay because it was really fun.