Personal View: My favorite Halloween memory


Ariana Viera, Staff Reporter

Hello I am Ariana and this will be my favorite memory from Halloween one is the time I went to my friends house and went  to Trick-Or-Treat.

I got to go to my best friend’s house. She invited me and another friend  to come over and trick or treat. I remember as soon as i got there we suited up and headed straight out. Here’s where the best memory starts, as soon as we walk outside it started raining so much it was like we were taking a shower.

A thing that’s so funny was since it was raining there was not really a lot of kids Trick-or-treating because it was raining, people were calling me and my best friends brave souls it was also very freezing. We got 2 hand fulls of candy

When it got dark we were still trick-or-treating we had a  pillowcase as our candy bag. So as I would expect all three of us had our pillowcases full of candy. Then my best friends pillow case tore and all of her candy fell out everywhere it was a mess!

As we were picking up her candy a nice women saw that we had nowhere to put it because our bags were full so she gave us her 1 year old’s candy bucket. She is a very kind person to give up her own child’s container for us.

When we got all of the candy inside the container we decided to head back to my friends house. On our way it began to get foggy because a house had a fog machine, so it got a bit spooky and we love spooky so we went to one last house. The house looked so decorated that it was  the opposite of Christmas.

I approached to the door and there was a  bucket of candy and it said take ONE. my friends took 2 but I  took a handful and that’s when I learned to take one when it says take one. A man dressed as a zombie jumped out at me! I yelled so loud to where my friends thought it was funny.

I regretted going to  that house and I never wanted to make a decision until we made it home. When we got home we all played Super Mario 3D Land. And that is my favorite halloween memory.