Personal View: My favorite things to do on Halloween

Michaela Martinez, Staff Reporter

Hi, Im Michaela Martinez. I’m a 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. I want to share my top 5 favorite things about Halloween.

1.COSTUMES! My favorite thing to do is to throw on a cheap costume and slather my face in makeup. It’s the joy you get when people compliment your costume and say it’s the best and when your’e able to be something or someone else. Costumes will probably be my favorite thing about Halloween forever.

2.I love myself some candy. I also like not having to pay for it. I have a little tradition with my sisters where we dump out all of are candy and start to trade for the candy we like. I have a huge sweet tooth and love all sour candy.

3.I love Halloween movies. Not so much the scary ones but the ones that make your stomach hurt from laughing so much. I love Hocus Pocus because of the way the actors play their parts  and the costumes. I also love The Addams Family  as the whole family has a cruel sense of humor. Movies are a huge part of Halloween, everyone needs a little scare in their life.

4.Decorations are always a huge deal for people. Everyone wants to have the best decorated lawn and house. It’s a huge part of trick-or treating to walk across the lawn with crime tape and headstones. Some people are extra and go all out. Some do not  think about their wallets. I will admit I get scared walking across some of those lawns.

5.Food is my bae so any time I get to try something different I’m all for it. And fall brings different and weird foods. It’s when everyone has pumpkin spice everything. There’s even a pumpkin donut Laffy Taffy. I think my favorite thing pumpkin spiced is from Starbucks and It’s the pumpkin bread. It’s super good as it has a hint of cinnamon and nuts surrounding it.  

Thank you for reading.I hope you enjoy my favorite things about Halloween.