Personal view: Halloween top 5 traditions


Elijah Hugle, staff reporter


My Halloween traditions aren’t much honestly, the first is to start off with overwatch Halloween event. I tried to get the new McCree skin and the new Reaper skin. I farmed for 2 weeks and didn’t get it. And now the event is over and i’ll have to wait to next year to get them. My brother said he will wait to get the Sentai Genji skin.


My second is to watch random movies, they might be Halloween related they might not be.

The movies I watched were Pokemon the first movie, Pokemon 2000, Pokemon the genesect the legend awakens, Pokemon and the rise of Darkrai, Pokemon Lucario and the mystery of Mew, and Pokemon giratina and the sky warrior. That was a pokemon movie marathon I watched. It was a really fun time watching the movies. In Giratina and the sky warrior it was in the fourth generation of pokemon where there were 13 legendary pokemon introduced. Out of all the movies that one was the best. The movie was about Ash and friends find a shaymin and they try to help it get to the gracidea garden so it can evolve into Shaymin-sky and migrate to its next garden. The legendary pokemon that cameo in the movie are Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Shaymin, Regigigas, and the legendary titans regice, regirock, and registeel


My third thing is to buy or make a costume. Whenever I do it is always last minute though. Last year i was a zombie and this year an assassin. My friends help me with a backstory for what I am so it is fun coming up with one. That is  probably the longest thing about my costume.


My fourth is to make a great dinner on the day before of Halloween because on Halloween I’m trick or treating. This year I made pasta and last year I made tacos. Whatever I do or make is always random though.


My fifth is to have fun and watch youtube. When I watch youtube I like looking up Halloween pranks, and they are really funny.  I watch a lot of youtube but i only watch Halloween pranks in October. My brother watches them with me as we laugh at people getting scared and run.


That’s my Halloween to 5 list and it is a one of a kind list i hope you enjoyed and maybe you do these things too.