Personal View: Halloween could have been a catastrophe


Brea Mars, Staff Reporter

I am Brea Mars and my brother, my dad, and I left the house around seven after it finished raining. The first thing we did as soon as we got out was take a couple pictures of me and my brother’s costumes. I was a grim reaper and my little brother, Ethan, was a werewolf. It was already pretty dark so we couldn’t walk our usual route.

We went down the street to the houses that we knew were open. I was busy being silly and waving my scythe around while promising to steal everyone’s soul. While we were Trick-or-treating, my brother started to get upset because he couldn’t scare anyone. When we got near the end of the other half of the neighborhood, my brother had decided to stop going up to the houses to get candy.

My dad got on him about that and I got worried because I thought we were going to have to go back home. At some point in our night adventure of losing calories and gaining candy, I went up to one of the scarier houses that was playing some creepy music and I started to dance to it. My dad  had told me “People die to that song, you can’t dance to it.” I laughed and I continued dance.

At the end we came upon a group of teenagers. One of the teenagers had asked me how I was doing so I played my part and acted very grim. Another grim reaper was there and she didn’t have her scythe. She told me that she was powerless without it and I told her that I knew how she felt.

After that I became very tired and my legs hurt so we started back to the house. Once we got back to our side of the neighborhood, We stopped at one last house and the lady there gave us two handfuls of candy. I had a great time out, with the exception of an annoying brother.