My Personal View: Scariest Halloween in 2k17


Tianni Carson


I’m Tianni Carson and Halloween to me means getting all the candy in the world, dressing up as anything that you want to be, and my favorite part of all getting scared.
My favorite Halloween memory was when I went to my friends house to have sleepover on halloween night I was dressed up as, a princess it was my last Halloween in Denver Colorado. It was a cold night, we started on the block where her house was. Then we walked around the block towards a very dark house. It had lots of decorations but the patio light was barely on. So we walked over with caution.

We were unsure due to the fact that there was a bench with something, or someone on it. So my friends mom was going first she then threw a, fairy wand, at the thing and it hadn’t moved. So we were about ready to go ring the doorbell when, the man jumped up from the bench. We all ran so fast to the other side of the block, screaming.
Then we started to laugh our butts off, because of our reactions. He started to laugh too. Then he later went back into his house and got us our candy. We couldn’t stop talking about how our reactions were like.