Personal View: Halloween 2017 Was A Blast


Paris Brooks, Staff Reporter

Hi, my name is Paris Brooks, and I am an 8th grader here at Dobie Junior High. I look forward to Halloween every year because of the fun memories it brings. This year, not only did my family and I trick or treat, but we also handed out candy. To me, Halloween is a great opportunity to get candy and have fun with friends and family members. Halloween is also a great opportunity to scare others, which is what my family and I had done this year.

About a day or two before Halloween night, my family and I created a scarecrow. We then sat it outside , days before Halloween, so others would think it was just a normal scarecrow. On Halloween night, we took apart the scarecrow, and in it climbed my older cousin. As children would walk by looking for candy, the scarecrow would proceed to frighten them by simply standing or moving a limb.

This was a fun 30 minutes, but after that, it started to rain. My family and I then moved the scarecrow into the garage for shelter from the rain. As soon as the rain had dimmed down, we noticed neighbors coming back outside for a chance to get more candy. At this time, it was beginning to get dark outside, which we thought was a perfect opportunity to scare!

We began to scare again, but kept getting reactions like, “Ahh, so scary.”, or “I already knew that somebody as in there.”. As my family and I were still having a good time, others were not very scared of our scarecrow. As we thought it was time to pack up, there was one more trick or treater. As she was collecting candy, I tapped on the scarecrow’s shoulder to signal her to scare the trick or treater.

My older cousin then stood up, and began to follow the trick or treater. It took seconds before the trick or treater began to sprint to the other side of the street. This would have to be the highlight of my 2017 Halloween experience. Even with the rain, my family and I still had fun on Halloween night! I can’t wait for my next Halloween experience!