Personal View: Best Memories of Halloween 2017

My best memories of Halloween 2017!

Angel Pham, Staff Reporter

Hi! My name is Angel Pham and this was my Halloween, a holiday that’s almost exciting as Christmas. The holiday pretty much all kids are ready with costumes and a big sugar rush. A night that I’m looking forward to act dumb and add to the many memories of 2017. I wanted to make this night memorable so what better way to do that then dress up as sumo wrestler right?


After School I got candy ready to pass out and the most epic costume of Halloween!

There was a slight problem…The weather was horrible for trick or treating, it was rainy and cold. Even after the rain stopped it would still be super humid and that would have made my inflatable suit deflate.


Though it didn’t ruin my spirit. At about 8 o’clock when the rain stopped I grabbed my inflatable suit and about in 5 minutes I had the best costume out there. Every door I came up to I got a lot of smiles and laughs but most importantly, candy!


I decided to stop once my bucket was full because I had to give out candy to other trick or treaters. I had a lot of laughs and when I looked down the road of my street I see a penguin and a cow. It was Lexi Moreland and Olivia Mcbride! After they got to my house, we talked for a bit and then they left to keep on trick or treating, but overall it was still a lot of fun.


When I thought that was the end of my night, I see my friend Caroline in a inflatable dinosaur costume. In my mind there was only one thing to do…I went to suit up in my sumo wrestler costume and me and her where charging at each other in the middle of the road like maniacs it was utterly hilarious.


Yeah, that was my Halloween of 2017. Including Sumo wrestlers, dinosaurs, a cow, a penguin, and a night to always remember.