Personal View: Top 5 Reasons To Love Halloween


Max Belbin, Staff Reporter

My Name is Max, and I know Halloween means something different to everyone. Weather you like the movies, the candy or the costumes. Or, if you’re like me, all things spooky. Basically it’s the best holiday ever, no questions need to be asked. But for all you non-believers out there, here are 5 reasons I love Halloween.

Number One: The sweet costumes are to die for. Yes, I admit, I love dressing up. Whether it be as my favorite comic book character or the joker, it’s fun to put on a different mask for a change. And seeing others’ costumes always gets me excited for next Halloween. Christmas, who? I want the gift of candy.

Number Two: Cavities. Candy is a sweet treat many of us enjoy, and on Halloween it’s free! You could go door to door and beg for food 365 days a year, but Halloween is the one day it’s socially acceptable! And you never know what you’re going to get. You could get anything from raisins to a full size snickers.

Number Three: Movies are scarier this time of year. I am a sucker for a cheesy scary movie. Movies like “Saw”, “Annabelle” and “Insidious” come out like never before. And don’t even get me started on the ones we all watched as little tiny humans. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is by far one of my favorite movies, let alone Halloween movies.

Number Four: The spooky haunted houses. I love haunted houses for the same reason I love running and roller coasters, adrenaline. I usually hate being scared, but on Halloween it’s expected. Whether it’s while trick-or-treating or I seek out the trill, the haunted houses are one of my favorite reasons to love Halloween.   Just imagine walking through a dark hallway, anticipating a jump, when someone screams towards you. The lights flicker, but they were dim anyway. You continue walking, only to find that the thing you’re most afraid of is behind you.

I hope my meaning of Halloween wasn’t too frighteningly different from your own. Happy tricks and sweet treats everyone!