Personal View: My Halloween 2017


Journee Green

Journee Green

By: Journee Green

Hi, I’m Journee Green and my halloween started off at my house with my friend Kurstin. My mom picked us both up from basketball tryouts and we went straight to wal-mart to get some last minute things. We got home and went straight to our candy to get it prepared for the trick or treaters. We then ordered pizza and wings to eat for dinner because Kurstin was spending the night over my house. When 6:30 hit we went outside for the trick or treaters


By the time it was 7:00 the pizza was there and it was pouring down raining …A little later more and more trick or treaters came by for some candy, a sweet cute little boy in a Mike Wazowski costume came and said “you got candy cause I like candy…I mean TRICK-OR TREAT!!” He was super cute. Shortly after that the rain grew harder and harder and a huge family of about 15 people all came in my garage to get away from the rain. I had no clue who they where but I let them anyway .

We gave out candy for about an hour after the people left then Kurstin and I decided we would go trick or treating but  we didn’t have costumes. So a bright idea came to me! I decided that we could wear some of my old uniforms from basketball and softball. So I wore an old basketball jersey and she wore an old softball jersey.


We only went trick or treating for about an hour and 30 minutes and we got tons of candy! We had a great time. That was my Halloween.