Personal View: My Halloween 2017 was a blast

Alexia Moreland, Staff Reporter

Personal View: My Halloween 2017

By: Lexi Moreland


My name is Lexi Moreland, and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Junior High. This year I would have to say was one of my all time favorite years. The day for me started off with school, like always then I rode the bus home with my best friend Olivia Mcbride. When we got to her house we just messed around and carved a pumpkin for that night.


Around 5 o’clock we started getting ready.. This included makeup and hair and then putting on our costume. We were so excited for the night ahead. As we walked down the stairs to put on our shoes and leave, it started pouring outside. We got so upset but her mom reminded us that it would have to stop eventually.


After about an hour of waiting the rain finally stopped, though all the streets looked like little swimming pools. Olivia and I put on our shoes and headed out. By this time it was around 7:30 and no one was really walking around, though we didn’t mind. As we walked around one of my other friends Angel Pham texted me to come over. About 30 minutes later we were at her house talking and hanging out.


After hanging out with Angel we headed back out. This was so we could make a few more stops for candy, and then go back home to eat dinner. When we finally got back we dumped out all our candy and split it up. I however took ALL the kitkats. Because I have to say that it is my favorite candy ever. We followed this up by grabbing a few candies and going to make dinner.


After eating it was time for me to go home. Olivia and I ran upstairs to put all my stuff together. Around 9:30 we left and her dad dropped me off. Ending the night with cookies and milk with my family, then going to sleep.