Personal View: My Favorite Halloween memories

Kya Logan, staff reporter

My Favorite Halloween Memories


One of my favorite Halloween memories is when I got to spend Halloween with my friends. We all went trick-or-treating on base because our parents thought it would be safer. Trick-or-treating with my friends was not the plan but I saw them and joined them.

We took lots of pictures together and traded candy. When we were done we all started to break up and go home. I didn’t  live on base so I did not know where to go so, I found the youth center I used to go to and told my mom to meet me there to pick me up.

Another Halloween memory was when I went trick-or-treating with my friend Riyana. Me and my mom went to go pick her up from our house and started driving around to find a good place to trick-or-treat.

We went down this one neighborhood with older houses and this guy in a clown outfit started chasing us down the road me and Riyana started screaming in the back seat. So we ended going to my neighborhood we saw some people we knew from school and lots of scary costumes. I was a  scary bear and Riyana was a clown jester. After we went to my house and traded candy.