Personal Veiw: Kaitlyn Baker


Kaitlyn Baker, Staff Reporter


Hello every one My name is Kaitlyn Baker and im a 7th grader.Halloween means alot to me and everyone all ways tells me that I am wrong about the meaning. I mean everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so why tell me I’m wrong. My parents always told me this was the day that the devil was born and even though he is evil he still deserves a birthday.


Halloween to me not only celebrates the devil’s birthday, but to have fun with family and friends.

For me this halloween ment the most to me not only did I get to spend time with my closest friends this halloween was my last halloween with these people, so I made the most of it by going Trick Or Treating with them.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 So I believe Halloween means that we should respect one another,and always have fun.

We should respect the Devil even though he may be evil we should still treat this day as any other day, and Also on this day we get free candy!! In the future we should just have fun and be safe on Halloween.


We should enjoy this for the rest of our lives even if it only includes handing out candy to cute kids in costumes. If you hate Halloween then I guess that’s okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Halloween means different things to different people,but to me it means having a good time with friends and family. Also it means FREE CANDY. We should appreciate the amount of effort not only children, but adults put in to this holiday for us to have the best night of our lives on October 31st, and every year they try supper hard to top every year before.


Keep safe and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween this year and I hope they only get better from here.