Personal View: my favorite Halloween memory


Camryn Farganus, Staff reporter

My favorite Halloween memory is the first time I went trick or treating with a really old friend, She’s now is Steele High School. This student is Zoriah B. She has been my friend since elementary school at Wiederstein.

We really wanted to have similar costumes and we were on the phone for about 2 hours just thinking of costumes that we could do. We came up with 2 options and we choose the best one. When I got to her house I was already ready to go trick or treating but I waited a really long time for Zoriah to get ready.

We both dressed up as a character from our favorite TV show. Her dad took us on a golf cart that he rented before Halloween. We both sat in the back of the golf cart and we stopped at each house. We left Zoriahs house before it was dark, So there was still a little light shining through. while we waited for the darkness her dad let us take turns driving the golf cart around the street. It was really fun and i’ll never forget it.

When it was finally dark we went out and began to trick or treat like normal friends on Halloween. We went to a haunted house which wrapped up our trick or treating. Her mom and her baby sister were at home and when we came back we all had pizza before we ate candy. I’m glad I remember this. And I’ll see Zoriah in high school next year.