Everyone has an opinion on what Halloween means to them

Lilly Avila, Staff Reporter

As most of us know, a certain holiday was a couple of days ago here in Cibolo, Texas. Halloween is a day celebrated by many no matter their age. The little kids love to dress up like their favorite Disney character and the parents love taking their pictures. Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves during Halloween and they all have their own opinions of what the spooky holiday means to them.


Kaitlyn Baker, 7th grader, has her own opinion of what Halloween means.


“It means we should spend time with our friends. My parents told me that it’s the Devil’s birthday. Even though he’s evil, we should still celebrate it just like anyone else’s. I think it’s all about respecting one another.”


“Kids get to dress up and be what they want to be whether that inclues a prince, a princess, a monster, or a squid,” says another 7th grader, Alivia Cooper.


Other kids are just into the candy and costumes. They don’t really associate Halloween with anything. Some just see it as a day to get sugar highs and dress up stylishly.


7th grader, Max Belbin, believes Halloween is a time to “put on a mask that isn’t your own.”


“Everyone has a mask. You get to pretend to be someone you’re not,” Max explained.