Personal View: My favorite Halloween movies

Kenyon Portela-Bailey, Staff reporter


I was love the movie Beetle juice because it’s funny. Then it has jump scares that will make you  scream. It is a perfect movie to watch with your family on a Friday night when there nothing else to do. It has songs that will get stuck in your head. I would recommend this to people that like funny and scary movies.

I also love the movie “IT” the movie has scary parts in it. The clown makes the movie scary.The clown is not just scary he also funny that makes the clown so scary. The movie also has a lot of jump scares I’m not scared of clowns but penny wise is a scary clown. I would recommend this movie to people that are not scared of clowns if you do watch this and you’re scared of clowns you will cry in a ball.

If you’re looking for real scary a you should watch conjuring. The movie was so scary that I had nightmares for two weeks. I never liked scary movies but I still watch them I only to movies that really scared me is paranormal activity, the conjuring,and insidious.