Personal View: HALLOWEEN TOWN helps you get in Halloween spirit


Sarah Guidry

My name is Sarah Guidry, My favorite halloween movie is HALLOWEEN TOWN . I like this movie because it has a lot of surprises and mystery. I will say it is not the most scary movie ,but it is still really good.


I usually watch this movie to help me get in the Halloween spirit. The movie was made in 1998,  it is kinda old. If you are into older movies I think you would love this movie. The first time I watched this movie I was about six or seven years old.


Watching Halloween movies helps me get into the mood. they  remind me about fun things I can do,and gives me costume ideas. If you can never find yourself in the Halloween spirit a halloween themed movie will sure help.


One of the big reasons I like this movie is because it was the first “scary “ movie I can remember watching. It is a disney movie which is pretty good, because most of the older disney movies are a lot better than the ones now.


I actually got to meet one of the main characters last year around Halloween. It was at  freaky finds. The character/Actor kimberly j. Brown. She was very sweat.


I would say the theme of this movie is mysterious and kinda scary but not to much. One main conflict of the story is how the main characters may never go out for Halloween.


The children don’t know but they are a family of witches.The grandmother is a professional witch.If you like witch movies i’m sure you will fall in love with  this movie.


I hope that reading this will encourage you to watch this movie.