Personal View: What Halloween means to me


Luke Hill, Staff reporter

Hello, my name is Luke Hill.Halloween is a time where anyone can be anything and it’s a time where I can enjoy the night with my friends and get some free candy in the process. It’s more than just a holiday to me, it is a time to be free and just relax with familiar people. The three main reasons I like Halloween are: candy, costumes, and family time.

Why I like candy? The same reason anyone else does which is that candy is extremely good and any kid with taste buds can say the same. Why do I need candy? Well the answer is sleep, when I eat candy my body skips the sugar rush, I just crash. Which candys do I like? I like all sort of candy’s: Skittles, Kit Kats, Milky Ways, Starbursts, etc.What candies do I hate? A few candies come to mind: Dots, Butter Fingers, Warheads, Sixlet, Sugar Daddies, etc.

What kind of costumes? Well, homemade ones are best because they could be a pun or an idea of your own.Why I like costumes?they hide your identities and you can scare someone and they will never know it is you.Why I like homemade? You waste less money on something you only wear once.why do we wear costumes on halloween? Simple, so we can scare the goblins and ghouls with our own scary face.

My family and friends go trick or treating, but when my little brother and sister leave the group to go home, my friends and I go off alone.There are two rules when me and my friends, have fun and stay together. We try to hit every house in the neighborhood, but in the end we only hitting about three fourths of the neighbor before we head back call it quits,we go to my place, watch movies and trade candy, hanging out late on a school night.