Personal view: A Halloween memory of mine that shakes my bones


sBy: Anaya Edwards

My all time Halloween memory is when I went trick-or- treating with my cousin when I was 7. I was dressed up as a Disney princess and knocking on every door selling candy. When I saw this house with creepy music, frightening decorations, and people in creepy masks. I was so scared i couldn’t even bring myself to even take one step toward the fright strickening house.


I literally fell to the ground so my cousin wouldn’t push me to the house with clowns in the front yard. “Come on Anaya stop struggling against me and go to the house!” My cousin would half yell and half laugh at me, but I couldn’t so I speed walked to the house farthest away from the clowns. I didn’t want them to know that I was afraid, for I feared they would come after me.


As I was wrapping up my trick-or-treating I forgot that the clowns are only a few houses away from my aunt’s on the same street. I then noticed that the clowns had chocolate and my mom and brother loved chocolate candy. I speed walked to the clowns grabbed a few pieces of candy and hurriedly said “Trick-or-treat!” and ran off. I was walking down the sidewalk when I saw the clowns get in the car and follow me.


I have never been so scared in my life and I ran as fast as my 6 inch legs could take me. I heard the clowns laugh while they followed me like maniacs. I sprinted to my aunt’s house slammed the door and watched the psychotic clowns on the street drive to their bloody decorated house. I never trick-or-treated ever again.