My Personal View: My Very Exciting Halloween


Isaiah Ellis

My name is Isaiah Ellis.

To me halloween means to hang with your family and friends and get candy.

One of my favorite Halloween memories is when I went to a haunted house but I wasn’t scared, because I knew all of the people in there.They  were my brothers friends.

My favorite halloween movie is Halloween because to me Michael Myers is just cool.

This halloween wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, because it started raining but then me my family and a few friends started playing board games. It  wasn’t that bad it was cool to just have fun and talk.

Whenever it stopped raining we went outside and started trick or treating.  It was very fun, especially the part when we got the candy and walking around with Tianni. That was fun, but when we went home the day wasn’t over, we still were a little hyper. So I Halloween was pretty cool.