Movie view: Litchi☆Hikari Club is *Italian hand movemets* spicy


Chloe Ramsey, Staff reporter

Hello! My name is Chloe Ramsey and I’m going to tell you about how I found probably one of my favorite (Halloween/ horror) movies ever. So one thing I should tell you is that I love to read especially if it is a horror(or BL) book/manga. I was looking for a book because I had finished all my other ones and I was extremely bored and just wanted to read, and then I found it “ライチ☆光クラブ “ or Litchi☆Hikari Club.

I loved this book so much, so when I found out it was an anime I got really excited and went to watch it right away. But sadly it didn’t live up to expectations I had had for it, all they really did was that they took the main idea of the plot, ”A group of 9 middle school boys have a club called the Hikari Club, and they make a AI to kidnap beautiful girls” and took everything else out, so it was literally all of in their club “room”  talking.

After that I was sad that it wasn’t what I had hoped so I started to do some more research and found that it had a live action! I know that most anime to live action movies don’t come out the way most hope, just take the Black Butler live action for example…that was not okay, but I had hope for it.

Now the thing is I couldn’t actually find the movie until a year later, I don’t know why I just couldn’t find it, so when I finally found it I started to cry because I was so happy. But that’s when it hit me, it may not ever follow the story at all it could just take the basic plot and just go on that alone like they did with the anime. I had started procrastinating for a while then I decided to just go for it and watch it.

 After I finished it I was in awe at how well they got it to the original book, with a few thing here and there that they had to change of course. But in general it was a good movie and they stuck to the plot, the actor choice was pretty good too so that was a plus.

I wouldn’t suggest watching this movie unless you’ve read the manga so you can get an all around under standing of the plot and know what to expect, because there is a lot of thing that most may not be comfortable with. There are a some scenes that may not be good for you to read/watch, such as gore, and some nudity (not a lot don’t worry). So if you’re ok with that you should watch it, I really liked it so I hope you would too!