Personal view: Halloween isn’t fun in the rain


Emma Parker, Staff reporter

Hi my name is Emma Parker and my Halloween was a drag. My friends and I were all looking forward to this Halloween. I was wishing to get the sweet and sour candy and especially looking forward to getting the soothing milky chocolate.


We were all getting ready at my friend kristen’s house. I was looking out the window to see all the little kids in their costumes, but when I looked out I didn’t see anything but water pouring from the sky. We all ran outside to see what was going on with the weather and of course it was raining.


As soon as it all cleared up we were out of the house and onto the streets to get candy. We hit a couple of houses before it started to rain again. We were a couple of blocks away from Kristen’s house when it started to rain. As soon as we felt a couple of drops we ran as fast as we could down the street and into the house.


The rain got really bad so I decided to go to my cousin’s Halloween party which was just down the road from where I was. My mom picked me up and drove me to My aunt’s house. We just hung out there for a little while. Since no one was coming to  the door her candy bowl was full. I didn’t have much candy so I took all that was in the bowl.


The night was over soon after. I went home and after a while I finally fell asleep. Overall it was an okay night. Nothing big and nothing small it just wasn’t what I was expecting.