Personal View: My 2017 Halloween memories


Kayla Looney, Staff Reporter


Hi, my name is Kayla Looney and I am here to write about my Halloween. Halloween is a time where you can dress up and not be judged. You also have fun with friends and family and get free candy.

It all started right after I got home from school. My best friend and I got off the bus and went to my house after she got her Halloween costume. We were going trick-or-treating together and we also were getting ready together.

I had to help her do her makeup because she was going as Georgie from the “IT” movie. We had to get liquid latex and cotton to look like her arm had been ripped off. We finished with her costume so then I put my costume and accessories on for my Pink Lady costume.

At about that time, my neighbor came to our house to see if we wanted to walk with them to trick-or-treat. My brother and mom went to walk with them and they got to two houses before it started pouring rain.

I was outside with a bucket of candy watching them run back to the house and it was really funny. My friend said that she needed a paper boat to make her costume perfect so my sister made her one. She then put the boat on the side of the road and her boat went in the gutter.

I kept playfully yelling at her to get it but she said that she didn’t need her arm missing for real. The rain lasted a while and my friend and I waited in my house until it died down. When it finally died down, my sister, my friend, and I went trick-or-treating.

There was surprisingly a lot of people outside handing out candy. Most of them said we were brave for being outside since it rained and they gave us 1 to 2 handfuls of candy. I had an umbrella and I hit my sister a few times in the face with it.

I was going to go all the way up the street but I felt really bad for my brother since he only went to 2 houses. We turned around to the other half of the street we haven’t been to and we headed back home while stopping by some houses.

We got back home and my mom was still outside with a whole bowl of candy. I got into my house and it started pouring again. There was people under the awning near my house hiding from the pouring rain.

I went inside and my brother was on his tablet and my mom told me that he choose to be on his tablet instead of going trick-or-treating and I was frustrated because I could’ve gotten a lot more candy if I didn’t come home at that time.

The rain stopped and the people left to go home or keep trick-or-treating because they were still wet from the rain. My friend came back over so we could compare our candy stashes. She got more candy than I did because she went into another neighborhood that I wasn’t allowed to go in.

I had to trade some of my candy with my friend and my sister because of my braces. I really wanted to have a Laffy Taffy but that would mess my braces up. I didn’t get to eat some of my favorite candies so I was sad about that.

The night ended up with me eating at least 7 pieces of candy. It wasn’t my best Halloween, but it was pretty close because I liked the rain and hanging out with my best friend.